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I know that the sky are always the same. The stars shine just as bright over me like they do over you. The moon have the same shape over here as it has over there where you are.

The clouds are different. The weather aswell. No matter where I am.. I always look up at the sky wishing that we were under it together at the same time and space.

Cada dia es una dia mas cerca de ti.
Hoy 157 y dos horas (como siempre)
Heh, estoy feliz contigo.. Siempre :)

Two months ago since we had our last phone call. Two months ago since i last hugged you and since we kissed each other.. Since my hand grabbed yours.. The last time until we meet again, the last time i saw you deep into your dark brown eyes and smiled because you make me happy.

Kiss me again and tell me you will never leave. Grab my hand and hold it until forever.

Look me in my green brown eyes and say “forever is only the beginning” and show me that i am yours forever. Walk with me until the end.
Please dont go
If your cool then im cool
Te mando flores

Ses snart mi mejor

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